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The size of penises in the world on a map!

Discover the penis average size in each country to finally find out who has the biggest willy.
Zizimap gives you rhe world map of penises!

Yes you will finally know it all about willies!

Which country has the smallest penises? What is the average size of penis in France? And which country has the average biggest size of penis?

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Map of the penis size

Move the sliders to discover the sizes of willies in the world

From to mm

Size of English penis

The average size of English willies is around 14cm (139mm), with a circumference of 12,8 cm.

The estimated perfect size for pleasure is between 8 and 12 cm.

If you find yours too small, you can still go to South America where it is appreciated... In some Native American tribes, the smaller your penis, the more important you are in the tribe.

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Records of the biggest penises

Some men have a penis of almost 30 cm when fully erect, like John C. Holmes or Lexington Steele.

In comparison, the legendary Rocco Siffredi and his 24 cm gives rise to smiles...

Well, 24 cm, you'd be pretty happy with that, wouldn't you?

More information

How to measure a penis size?

Place a stiff ruler at the bottom of the penis, from the pubis bone to the end of the penis head.

Keep the fully erect penis as straight as possible for an optimal measurement and compare with the map!

Penis size and pleasure

Not only size matters! Circumference does too!

Unfortunately, there are not enough studies about it and there is no world map about penis circumference yet.

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